New Family Oriented Book on Schizophrenia: Diagnosis: Schizophrenia - A Comprehensive Resource

Schizophrenia Update, October 2002

By Rachel Miller and Susan Mason

I've reviewed this book and think it is valuable for any family who has a family member or friend who suffers from schizophrenia. Its unique in that it is written in an easy-to-read personal style that almost anyone should be able to read and benefit from, and in that it covers the real stories of 35 different people who have experienced schizophrenia and incorporates their experiences and perspectives. With these stories the reader can get a good idea of what some people have gone through in their experience with schizophrenia. I highly recommend it.


"As a parent watching the process of this illness unfold, I felt confused, fearful, isolated and totally helpless. This book helped dispel those feelings and left in their place a better understanding of the illness and what my child was experiencing. For those whose lives are touched by schizophrenia, this book will bring understanding and more. It is like no other book I've read on the illness to date. Thank you to those in this book whose courage in telling their stories is almost unimaginable."
–Connie Crespin,

"These stories tell of experiences that all of us diagnosed with schizophrenia can relate to, so we don´t feel so alone. And the more people know about their illness, the easier it is to cope with the symptoms and the more willing they will be to accept treatment, including medication. I wish I had this book when I first got sick."
–Tina, outpatient,

"No fewer than 35 patients and their clinicians put a realistic face on schizophrenia. They provide easily understood answers to the universal questions about these disorders. The exchange is unique and the message is empowering. Schizophrenia becomes demystified and a template of hope and recovery is drawn for patients, families, and providers. For those seeking a patient education resource, this little gem gets my enthusiastic endorsement."
–Gerard E. Hogarty, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The disease is not fatal but few diagnoses have the capacity to instill as much fear in the hearts of patients and families. Here is a profoundly reassuring book that shows there can be life after a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

The book includes thirty-five first-person accounts, along with chapters by professionals on a wide range of issues from hospitalization to rehabilitation. Jargon-free and technically accurate, the chapters are short and offer up-to-date information on medication, coping skills, social services, clinical research, and much more. Patients and their families can read the book from cover to cover or skip around and select topics as the need arises.

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