April 05, 2004

By the end of six months of looking after a boy crazy for drugs I was actually on my knees.I was tired exhausted depressed angry guilty by turns.
having reached the end and having tried all possible means to get him off the substances, it was decided that he be sent for deaaddiction.
In retropspect that decision delayed his treatment by one year.
Deaddiction centres especially here do not prescribe medicines hence we were all lost between symptoms of deaddiction and /or symptoms of schizophrenia. Neither they nor me knew what exactly was happening.
In fact at that stage my knowledge of psychiatric disorders was limited to clinical depression..Schizophrenia was as alien as the Mars and what the term denoted was vaguely connected to the memories of the movies I had seen.... The Shining and One flew over the Cuckoos nest..being fed on the 70s hysteria against psychiatry and medicines, I was virulently anti medicines and hated all Doctors especially Psychiatrist..

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this hits a nerve. my family tried the 'no medicines approach' and that took up valuable time, which maybe we had to tread for a while. we tried to go natural route, and suscribed to triptophan treatment, st. john's wort, etc. nothing worked. they got worse, really so. became zombies on the couch. just sitting. bad time. the 'wholistic types' - don't listen to them. they DON'T know what they are talking about and want to make a buck just as much as anyone- selling snake oil and potions in the form of herbs and mega vitamins. they'll bleed ya dry too. but don't give up hoping. when a door shuts, a window opens, monica....

Posted by: bluebird at April 11, 2004 08:22 PM

hi monica,
read all that u have written, wish i could have done something
with the belief that u are with the right, doing what all u can, i am sure u are much more contended than a lot of us, who have commited or are on the wrong side of life, have deprived our child of love and care knowingly or unknowingly, u are the blessed one take my words,
god bless u and the kid...


Posted by: deep at May 28, 2005 11:58 PM

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