April 17, 2004


For today Iam writing in an extract from my "bible" Never gonna give up.
... "Whitney Houstons words are memorable... 'many nights we prayed with no proof anyone could hear in this time of fear when prayer often seems so vain'...'who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe'
..to believe in Him when you have absolutely no reason in sight to believe him,thats faith.When all doors close,when problems have totally taken over you,when family cant help, doctors put their head down,and work seems a trial and putting on a happy face a burden,when healers and gurus and stones and chants and all else including yourself have failed and you feel unspeakably alone and abandoned do you still believe?Do you with understandable anger and deep disapointment throw God and goodness out of the window?Or with faith do you still maintain your poise and patience living life with dignity,doing your duties, waiting with grace?Can you love Him and trust Him even when he gives you no appparent reason to?
"I know people who have. I know stories too long and too personal to detail here,of love for God which was so big and true"
"Ive seen people razed to the ground with unimaginable pain,rise again only with faith.
And these people have not only overcome hell but even spread heaven while they lived through their coldest hours."......from Heartfelt by Cyrus Merchant.

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everything that has a beginning has an end - matrix revolutions

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