June 11, 2004

after the seizure

Its now two weeks since the seizure happened,very slowly we are going back to the earlier life style.
Clozapine has been reduced to 400mgs and an anti seizure added.
Iam upset with the doctor for he paid little attention when my son reported to him twice about feeling these electric shocks for brief seconds.Two weeks later the seizure happened.
I find that our doctor is difficult to talk to,he has many many clients and spend 10 minutes with each does not give an emergency number and refuses to give out his mobile no.
As I found out this crises time around it is imperative to have an emergency number to call.
Iam now seeing another doctor who facilitates all the above,on meeting him I felt instantly that here was someone who actually will see us through everything and give sufficient time too.
He suggests remaining on this dose for at least another one month without raising it.
Paradoxically I find that my son is better in a lot of ways after the seizure,cognitively he is much sharper and so say the counsellors at the day care centre too.
Peculiar but true.

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i am so happy your son health is better now. my prayer is with you and your family. i have son , who has sz. he is 26 years old.

Posted by: ruby at June 12, 2004 05:56 AM

hi monica,

glad that your son is better and all the best with the new doctor.

there are always doctors who are 'bad' and you don't like and those who are 'good.' it's like choosing something to eat except that you don't know what you are choosing because you don't really know what the doctor is really like.

anyways, i will stop going off-topic

im a psychology student from australia who decided to visit this site, after studying about schizophrenia for an exam which is tomorrow.



Posted by: e-ven at June 14, 2004 10:03 AM

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