April 03, 2004

New Medication: Clonopin

Today is another day. We always get to begin with a fresh slate.

Yesterday, we had a pdoc appt, the day before, we saw David's tdoc. On Thursday, his therapist saw David paranoid. This is the first time she has really had a chance to see and head his thinking like this. She spoke with his pdoc who we saw Friday. The pdoc told me an option to try treating residual paranoia, fearfulness and anxiety was either to add an anticonvulsant as an adjunctive mood stabilizer, or try a benzodiazapine. We have previously tried five of the MS meds, no effect, so we decided to go with Clonopin.

Re: Risperdal, he has been on it almost two weeks. It seems to be helping with executive functioning. David is beginning to make decisions and initiate things. Motivation! I haven't seen in forever. It is a slow increase, but from my perspectiveis dramatic. I hope it continues.

The pdoc explained that adding a benzo to AP med can increase the efficacy of the AP without increasing the dose. This is good for many reasons, among which is less risk of side effects (SEs).

Last night, David was calmer. This morning, he was able to wrestle and horseplay with his father and brother for over an hour without getting upset!!!!! I can't remember when this last happened. last evening, he took 65 fliers soliciting work mowing lawns and plastered the neighborhood. He approcahed the next door neighbor and got his first account. Today, he baby sat brother while we ran errands, and now, is outside mowing!!!!!

Pinch me! I'm dreaming. LOL On second thought....... Leave me alone to dream. I hope and pray this lasts. :0)

God bless,

There is always a light, no matter how dim, if only you seek to find it.


Where is Hope:

When pain is unrelenting?
When life is overwhelming?
When eyes are bent to flooding?
When hearing shadows speaking?
When skin begins to crawl?

Where is Love:

When anger fills each sentence?
When hearts have iron jackets?
When feet seek open windows?
When fingers yearn for scratches?
When soul begins to cry?

Where is Safety:

When fires burn untended?
When fences are unmended?
When terror�s undiluted?
When thoughts remain polluted?
When happiness has died?

Where is Singing:

When dissonance is shouting?
When chalkboards tend toward screeching?
When voices are unfeeling?
When hateful words are screaming?
When life has taken all?

Where is He:

When nothing seems to matter?
When broken dreams have splattered?
When goals are melted plaster?
When despair is now your master?
When only sad is real?

He is Here.

He is Hope:

To heal your hurting memories.
To soothe your daily chaos.
To point your eyes to peacetime.
To sound a joyful horn.
He is Lord.

He is Love:

To give you calm for raging.
To open heart�s chained doors.
To lead your walk toward heaven.
To clasp his hands in yours.
He is Holy.

He is Safety:

To quench your fiery gnashing.
To tie the lash which binds us.
To banish fear behind you.
To wash away your sin.
He is Father.

He is Song:

To chime with quiet stillness.
To soften stressful keening.
To bring you joy and healing.
To fill your heart with love.
He is Savior.

He is joy.
He is pure.
He is light.
He is peace.
He is God.

Betty Jo Hilger

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Hi BettyJo !
Thank you for sharing your feelings in that thought provoking verse. I have a twenty eight year old daughter who was diagnosed with schizophrenia eight years ago. My prayers are with you and your family.

Posted by: survivor at April 4, 2004 07:29 PM


Posted by: DI at May 11, 2006 09:52 PM

I've been on Klonopin for about a year now. They used it to "wean" me from Xanax. I can tell when I have missed a dose. I'm up to 3 times a day now. It helps when I take it, but I don't want to rely on it for the rest of my life... If I don't take a dose, as in only taking 2 a day, I have terrible panic attacks. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts for me? I thank you for your time and consideration.

Posted by: Relois at May 17, 2006 07:37 PM

i have ms and was put on clonopin for the seizures i was experiencing in my legs and feet. i am on 2 mgs at nite. i am also on 10 mgs of valium for the leg spasms. i also take this at nite. here is my question. since adding the clonopin to the mix, i sleep ALOT during the day. i sleep very badly at nite due to leg pain, and unfortunately i am concerned i have gotten into a cycle of sleeping during the day and being awake at nite. the good news is the clonopin has really cut down on the leg and foot seizures, so i do not want to stop taking it, just don't want to sleep as much. is anyone else having this problem.

Posted by: barbara at June 6, 2007 04:39 AM


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