April 07, 2004


Where does the sun go?

Behind the�
Stars and the moonlight?
Marshmallow clouds flying high?
Trees embracing the river?
Down where the mermaids cry?
Do you know?

Does it go�
Over the hill to China?
Under the ocean depths?
Out to play with the dolphins?
Where peanut butter and jellyfish met?
Do you know?

Why do the stars shine?

Are they�
Souls of elves gone to heaven?
Diamonds thrown into the sky?
Candles reflecting tears fallen?
Lyrics of songs long gone by?
Do you know?

Are they�
Fires lighting paths for lost sailors?
Blazes of loves� search to meet?
Lanterns held by the angels?
Guiding our souls to be free?
Do you know?

Of what is the moon made?

Is it�
Ice cream fallen in heaven?
Mountains of holey Swiss cheese?
The fingernail of a giant?
Reaching out in the night to my dreams?
Do you know?

An eye in the sky watching over?
Frozen icicle dreams?
Peppermint candy from Christmas?
Does it call to the whales in the sea?
Do you know?

Why do the clouds cry?

Are they�
Sad when they watch forest fires?
Happy to see playing children?
Joyous when hearing birds singing?
Fleeing in fear of the sun?
Do you know?

Do they�
See every time I act badly?
Know that they�re watering trees?
Plan to adorn blooming flowers?
Intend to bless you and me?
Do you know?

What makes the wind blow?

Is it�
Breath from volcanoes sneezing?
Hurricanes dancing at dawn?
Whispers of hope for the future?
Secretly cleansing our wrongs?
Do you know?

Does it�
Long for the freedom of insects?
Fly on the wings of a dove?
Yearn to run in the meadow?
Seek to magnify love?
Do you know?

When will I find answers?

All of my unanswered queries?
All of my dreams in the dark?
All of my fears held in silence?
All of my cries flung so far?
Do you know?

The pain of the innocent children?
Their longing only for love?
The making of smiles on all faces?
Seeing blessings in each tiny grub?
Do you know?

Will I ever?

Learn to�
Sing in the night to an angel?
Cry at the glory of morn?
Praise the beauty of heaven?
Bless the day I was born?
Do you know?

Could I �
Fly over hopes of the dreaming?
Glow in the eyes of a child?
Be at the heart of a family?
Believe in the wealth of a smile?
Who can know?

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