April 08, 2004

Endocrinologist results

David's endocrinologist called yesterday. His MRI is normal,no thalmic lesions. His ACTH stim test was normal, his body makes Cortisol. She reviewed his old dr's records, says his Pit. stim test was definitely abnormal, but all other tests related to hormones produced as a result of communication with pit hormones are normal????? Will continue Growth hormone for now, but recheck the stim test in summer. His TSH was not normal, so continue. His testosterone appears normal as well. Overall, good results. maybe we will be able to stop the growth hormone soon too. She said sometimes, the test shows abnormal when it is not truly so.

At this point, We stopped his testosterone shots, the cortisol supplement, and are continuing Synthroid and Saizen.

We do what we have to do, but financially this wouldbe good. His growth hormone costs us $250/mo AFTER insurance pays!

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