April 13, 2004



Well yesterday was a whopper. Probably the worst since David began the Risperdal and Clonopin combo. He had a great week and weekend last week. It was his 17th birthday, he had a party Sat with 6 friends, and his grandmother and two cousins were up to visit last week on their springbreak.

Beginning sunday afternoon, David began having difficulty. I made him sit with me while we (mostly I) worked on completing his english research paper. He got home yesterday, upset and overloaded re: school. Informed me his english teacher said he should find another source for more information on his paper, and he "F'g" wasn't going to do that! This was followed by informing me that even if he did all his missing work for math and got 100%, he would still fail this 6 weeks, therefore, he ws not going to waste his time. He says his Chemistry teacher will not give him information the way he wants it re: past due work, and he did not stay for help after school because she had too many kids in the room and he would not get helped! This was quickly escalating into a paranoid rant.

David refused to take his afternoon Clonopin, as there is nothing wrong with him, he does not need it. I tried to direct him to his meds several times over 3 hours. finally Gene got home, and he tried to reason (I gave up on that), we did manage to get David to take his pill. he settled and had a better evening, but refused to think about homework, except, he did take his paper ( I typed the day before) and did a couple edits.

I HATE THIS ILLNESS. We did get David's agreement that he would take his meds for us, they are not PRN, and we understand his brain is telling him he's fine, but his meds are needed...... I hope this is remembered next time.

God Bless,
BettyJo: Gene's wife, the best daddy in the world.
David's and Dalton's mom.
There is always a light, even in your darkest hour, if you seek it.

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