April 22, 2004


I cry out into darkness
I scream into the night
I race into chaotic fires
and strive with all my might

To rescue all the parts of him
Writhing in such pain
Confused, distracted, terrified
He desperately lays blame

Upon the shoulders of the strong
For he cannot be weak
Divided soul cannot accept
A hand stretched out in peace

I cannot reach that inner place
Where I know he�s jailed
He buries himself deeper
As I fear I�ve failed

How can I live?
How can I love?
How can I just go on?
When my poor child who�s petrified
Sits burning in the dawn?

I see him here
But he�s not there
His shell a raging space
Of terror, pain, and suicide
Written on his face

Yet tiny moments part the black
To let me see within
His gentle self there all alone
Amidst that hellish din

I wail up to the heavens
Yet, know I can�t know why
But please dear Lord
Please help me here
I don�t want him to die


Silently, overhead
As breezes blow through dreams
Where moonlight filters into hearts
Filled with unspent schemes

The wandering soul may pause
And overshoot the thought
He must have missed his spoken goal
At some unlikely spot

When all his fears were absent
And only fantasy
Remained within his furthest view
Struggling to see

The glimmer of the night-shine
Where hidden dreams come true
And memories are forgotten
He may not know quite who

Has whispered at the darkness
Into his quiet spaces
Of glorious dawn to rise and glow
Illumining all places

That hurting spirits linger
Clamoring to find
Huddled in the blackness
Of a stricken mind

Whose face, a peaceful gem
Reviving fractured hearts
Drawing each back into life
Creates a blessed spark

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