April 23, 2004

Dr appt 04/22/04


We saw Dr Robertson this afternoon. He had not been informed of our emer call to the cmhc on Sunday, nor about the results of his therapy with Jen on Tuesday! I filled him in, and David demostrated just how irritible he is when he objected to my version of events... I told the pdoc where we were on clonopin currently, and that upon review, that his symptoms got dramatically worse within a week of stopping the Geodon. I questioned the need for an Increase of risperdal or return of Geodon.

The final outcome of this visit: We incerased David's Risperdal from 1.5mg BID to 3mg BID (Double). He also gave me a script to increase the Clonopin from the .5 to 1mg TID, to up to 2mg TID (again Double).

We discussed that if this does not work well, we can go the Clozaril route. If we do that, he said he would feel better referring David to an "Adult" pdoc at the center who have experience with Clozaril. he explained he has not rx'd this med and simply does not have experience with it. he only has one child in his caseload who is on it, and he "Inherited" this patient.

So................we have a plan. I hope the Med increase works. I am so tired of this dance... but a plan is always helpful.

Re: last evening....
More of the same, and he absolutely refused to do any homework. When I stopped questioning him about it, he played cards with Dalton for the rest of the evening. Peace is more important than school right now!

God Bless, and thank you for any who read this.

BettyJo David and Dalton's mom
There is always a light, no matter how dim, if only we seek to find it.

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