April 25, 2004

Crossing fingers and continuing to pray...

Today was the second full day of the doubled Risperdal for David. We have not changed the Clonopin, as of yet. This morning he was a bit rough waking up, but we left him a list of expectations when we were gone at Dalton's baseball game. Gene had gotten up this am and mowed our lawn, since David had refused Wed, and Again Fri.

David's list:
weed the play area in the yard, then mow the neighbor's lawn for $$. take a shower, and be ready to go when we were back about 1pm. He did it!!! Not a great job on the weeding, but he made an effort and the rest was done.

We took him to his comic book shop as he requested, then to Earth Day downtown, walked the mall, had early dinner, and home. David invited Nate over and they played Yu-Gi-Oh with Dalton for 2 hours. :0)

No big blowouts today. Edgy, but able to draw back with redirection. Maybe the med increase will work.

Tomorrow is a test, I have not challenged the "H" word (homework) yet...

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