April 25, 2004

What Is Good In Our Children's Pain?

�To all the mentally ill children in the world, and their parents.�

It is good: For us to learn patience. It helps in all areas of our life.

It is good: That our children are facing these issues now, rather
than as adults, because they can get the help they need.

It is good: That these things happen now, while we can take control
of decisions, for health care, discipline, and education,
that they might be unwilling, or unable to do as adults.

It is good: That our children learn coping skills which
will help them, throughout their lives.

It is good: That our children, some of whom have been hurt badly,
can experience what it is to be loved and cared for.

It is good: That they can learn to trust.

It is good: That, even if we never see the full extent of our parenting
benefits while they are young, every thing we do, say,
and give to them is taken in and stored.

It is good: That they will, someday, be able to share some of our
teaching and love with another person, even if not us.

It is good: That they can be loving and fun some of the time.

It is good: For us to learn forgiveness and unconditional acceptance
toward our children, as Jesus loved us.

It is good: That they experience compassion toward their pain,
and learn to express the same.

All children are a blessing.
All children are a gift.
The most beautiful flowers have thorns.
Things given or received easily,
without effort, are worth nothing.

It is good: That experiencing and sharing our children's pain allows us to love
and appreciate them more than most parents could ever understand.

It is always good

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