April 28, 2004

David is in the hospital...

I don't have much time this morning. I am supposed to accompany Dalton on a field trip today.

David had another incident last evening. He brought two friends home last evening against my better judgement, then they stayed longer than supposed to do. David was edgy on the phone when he called from school and again when I talked to him about it being a school night....

Dalton had gotten home and joined them in the basement, everything was fine for a while. I heard things getting loud and in the few moments it took me to get there David was making threats to beat Dalton to a bloody pulp, beat him into the floor, he should have the right to hurt him..... Dalton had gotten upset at something David had said in response to something he said to tick David off.... Dalton threw a chess set of Davids and a couple pieces broke. I turned for a moment to see if the set could be repaired, when David lunged for Dalton fists clenched, grabbing, and such an intense look, I know he would have hurt him.

I stepped between them, Davi let go, Dalton ran to his room, and I called the cmh. They told me to call the police as David came flying out of the house screaming Fu**** this and whatever very loudly. I was standing on the front step.

We were told the would not transport by the police, but unlike other incidents, David was agitated with the police, and ecen though the whole admit process took almost 4 hours, he was agitated w/the intake person. The police refused to transport and we had to drive him in, but they did call to let the hospital know we were coming. Still it was almost an hour before anyone got to us!

He was calm when I left. I hope he understands why we took him there, by he was resigned to the fact it was happening.

This is the only time David has ever been hospitalized! I hope I did the right thing, I know I did the right thing, but it does not feel right....

Please keep him and us in your prayers.

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