May 04, 2004

Greatest Gift�

I remember praying a hymn of supplication
Underneath a yearning to adore
Seeking for fulfillment within the blessed treasure
Contained within a presence not yet born

I remember feeling the flutter of your kicking
Underneath my ribcage as you moved
And standing in a doorway as you stretched your wings
Reaching for my heart within your room

I remember walking in the sunshine softly speaking
Underneath my breath into your soul
Whispering aspirations of anticipation
Looking toward the instant you came forth

I remember smiling at daydreams of your future
Underneath a universe of faith
Joyful in the knowledge of your presence growing
Quietly communicating strength

I remember holding your precious tiny fingers
Underneath an atmosphere of dreams
Arrested by your beauty I breathed a gentle greeting
As I counted digits on you feet

I remember hearing a silent celebration
Underneath the passing of my fear
Gazing up in wonder when placed upon my breast
Finally understanding why I�m here

I remember praying a hymn of gratitude
Underneath the yielding of my soul
A song of dedication committing all you were
Into the safe embraces of our Lord

I remember...

Sitting here this morning, washed in remembrance of the joy and awe I felt with expecting and having given birth to David. No matter how much pain and hurt this illness may cause, he is and will always be my blessing.

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