May 05, 2004

He's improving....

Hope Returns....

As the door opened you looked at me
Actually looked
And saw
Your gaze was clear
Your mind was there
And the corner of your mouth smiled
A tiny smile

With mien of hope I reached to touch
Enfolding you within my arms
You hugged me back
With teen arms
With hands of strength
You gave comfort
To me

We played a game of cards
Mimicking life for you
You comprehended
Rules were not the enemy
We even talked
As playing
You won

Stilted conversation of give and take
Unpracticed yet a miracle
No screams
No threats
No hate
No animosity
Just calm

Posture open welcoming the world
Cage of paranoia disappeared
Questions tendered
Answers desired
Value inherent in feelings
Not your own

I see fulfillment of colossal prayers
Augmented need lifted to a power
Greater than mine
Larger than yours
Generous in liberation
Giving back
Another chance
To dream

Last night we went to see David again. I had called to the nurse on his unit to ask how things were going, earlier in the day. He has been tired, and has taken several naps throughout the day. When we got there, he was interacting with other children. He looked up at me and actually had a look of being pleased to see me on his face!?! He was much clearer eyed, and responsive. His entire demeanor was more open.

David and I played a game of cards for a while. He was abelt o focus on the game and actually won all three hands. I spoke with him about his medication, how he was feeling, and asked how he felt. He told me he could not really tell, so I told him what I saw. I told him that he appears much calmer, more clearheaded, and open. I explained that I think that taking away the Geodon was the likely culprit for his behavior and hospitalization.

I can tell he is thinking more clearly as he was able to respond with a desire to just stay on the Geodon alone or with Klonopin. I explained, that the reason we began to make med cahnges in the first place, was because the Geodon was not containing his paranoia and irritability. Obviously this mediaction is doing much for him,but the addition of Clozaril, will hopefully address the symptoms Geodon does not address.

The entire visit Gene and I were there, there was not a single raised utterance, he made no homicidal threats, or threats of violence against staff. He did not call me any names, and though he was able to let us know he was unhappy about his continued stay, he was appropriate in his communication. This is a first since he was admitted, and he has only been on the Geodon for 36 hours.

I hope and pray this dramatic improvement continues. If it does, I plan to ask for him to return home before the weekend. We see his social Worker therapist tomorrow.

I think this hospitalization has put us one step closer toward stability for Daivd. We now KNOW that Geodon is a must on the medication treatment front for him.

God Bless,
There is always a light, no matter how dim, if only we seek to find it.

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