June 21, 2004


Well it has been about two weeks since I was last on to update our family status. Things are going remarkably well. I have published my bookof poetry dealing with parenting mentally ill children, specifically coping through David's hospitalization. I have sold several copies, gotten it in a local Christian book store, and am working on getting it listed with major booksellers online.

David has formally withdrawn form high school. Surprisingly, when he received his lat grade card, he only failed the Math class he dropped. all his other classes, he managed to pass with at least a D! Last week he sat for the GED Pretest and passed with flying colors. He will sit for the actual GED exam tomorrow and Wednesday. I hope he passed the test as easily as the practiice exam.

Today, David actually applied and interviewed for a job at Pizza Hut. This is the same place that he had interviewed at once before and was not hired. Previously, this rejection, in addition to the mcdonalds interview, has been thrown up as a paranoid proof of the world being out to get him, being against him, and as a valid reason to not apply for a job anywhere. So his willingness to apply for a job again is a huge success.

David's medication seems to be stabilising. Other than some drooling at night, and noticeable weight gain, he is not having untenable side effects. He is currently taking 80mg Geodon BID, 100mg Clozaril AM, and 400mg PM, 12.5mg Thorazine BID(PRN), and Synthyroid 88mcg. His moods are level most of the time. He is cheerful, his affect is good, he is showing flexibility, emotional availability, tolerance of his brother, and only has real difficulty when very tired, or too much stimulation fr a prolonged time frame.

He has been able to have a friend stay overnight on Saturdays two weeks in a row, then additional friends over the next day. He mowed our lawn for the first time in several weeks last week without difficult attitude, and has been doing the nieghbor's lawn for money.

Overall, I feel like I have my son back! Life is good. We have our moments, when we have to be careful of his mood based on his tiredness, and time of day, but he has not done this well for this long in a very long while.

Dalton is doing well also. He and I attended VBS at out church the 2nd week of June. He did fantastic! Not a single outburst or incident the entire time! this is a first for him.. There were 796 children per day, and a total of 948 people including adults and volunteers! He did awesome. Other than being a bit clingy, a stranger would not have known he was different in any way.

I was successful in discontinuing Dalton's topamax, and I think it may have been causing some cognitive dulling that we were not aware of! he has been talking more, coloring, even read 40 pages of a book to me the other day! "Put Me In The Zoo". Dalton is on less medication now than he has been on in over 5 years. He is taking 450mg Lithium CR, BID, Seroquel 600mg AM, 400mg Noon & PM, Abilify 5mg PM, Synthyroid 75mcg, and Miralax 17g. I have successfuly stopped Zyprexa and Topamax, since spring.

Dalton is having some hypomanic periods, and increassed ODD behavior, but overall, his mood is pleasant, and appropriate. He is also cleaning himself after BM messes about 75% of the time, even if not using the toilet consistently.

Overall, both my boys are doing well, better than in ages.

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God Bless,

There is always a light, no matter how dim, if only you seek to find it.

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