June 28, 2004

A new day...


Waves rasp gently upon the shore
Breaking soft against the rocks
And wind caresses silken skin
Rippling ridges, reflecting the moon
Hesitant light glows, shaded in hues of crimson
Purple strands wrap �round rosy fabric
Shining whispers gaining strength with each passing moment
Growing courage and covering the haloed heavens
With a splendid legacy of auspicious hope
Billowed vapors coalesce, gathering to bloom
Fields of mystic blossoms bending low to breezes
Sensitive, each responsive flower turning its face
Into the brilliance of the morning sun
To float away and meet the distant horizon
Feathered friends of angels soar on cushioned air
Singing songs of glorious restoration
Hopeful joy lands delicate, tenderly embracing
Uniting memoirs of yesterday with the promise of today


A sunrise can be many things
a picture of beauty
a time of release
a moment of calm
a chance to start over
a gift from God
allowing us to begin
with a fresh new page
clean of transgression
to be born anew, guilt-free,
and live another day.

God Bless,

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There is always a light, no matter how dim, if only we seek to find it.

Below is more poetry written recently while offline...

It is helpful to think on good times, and happy thoughts. In the midst of this illness, we must remember that all is not darkness, and no matter how buried we may feel, during the bad times, there is hope. God is always with us, and he is holding our a hand to pull us up from the valleys, back into the light.


Not so long ago:
You were small enough to rest your head within the crook of my arm,
as rocking, walking back and forth you drifted off to dream.
You were small enough to ride upon my hip and hold on tight
as we walked through darkened paths at night underneath the stars.
You were small enough to run beside me with three steps to my one,
then raise your arms in silent plea to be lifted from the earth.
You were small enough to lay beside me in the evening, to rest your head
upon my lap, content and still, as tenderly, I ran my fingers through your hair.
You were small enough to hold my arm and rest your cheek upon my pillowed flesh, as I drove us to our destination and you drifted off to rest.
You were small enough that I could pick you up and carry you to bed,
when collapsing from exhaustion you fell asleep to lay upon the floor.
You were small enough to hold my hand when walking �cross the parking lot,
valiantly brave, so you could keep your Mommy safe from harm.
You were small enough to stand on tippie-toes, to press a kiss upon my cheek
and hug my neck without questioning the propriety.
You were small enough to welcome my embraces of affection, murmured greetings lovingly displayed, when in full view of public we were seen.
You were small enough to cry for help, when fallen down,
you had scraped your pride and knew that I would come offering relief.
You were small enough to believe and trust that Mommy could make anything okay when broken, or mistaken, tears filled your eyes with streams.
You were small enough to huddle close at any time
and know that you were safe and warm, that comfort rested in my arms for you.

As time has passed it would make sense
that life would change as you have grown.
No longer small, you tower over me, and I amble,
following, within the shadowed path your wanderings have led.
Miraculous, I hesitate to observe that even now:
You�re still small enough to look to me for love,
for hope, for safety, for comfort,
for assistance, and for guidance,
and you�re still small enough
to dream�


Broken shards of glass
Lay covered with the stain
In multicolored hues,
Of fractured joy and pain

They glisten in the sunlight
With smarting, febrile tears
Blurring paths of freedom,
Surrendering to fear

Fallen on the pavement,
Shattered from life�s storms
Glowing rainbowed fragments
Dispiritedly mourn

Reflected rays send echoes
Soliciting defenses
As hurricanes destruction
Breach devastated fences

Discovered by a stranger
And lifted from the darkness
Rescued devastation
Transfigured to completeness

Repaired by lines of loving
Paths drawing through division
And dressings leaded binding
The severed parts rendition

Designs magnificent
Rise gleaming from the glooming
Resurrected beauty
Grown stalwart from fine tuning

Robin song�

A melody falls on my ear
As laying hidden from all fear
I ponder on the meaning of existence

A tune chimes soft, expectantly
Of grace and growth, as patiently
I seek to appreciate its common sense

All thoughts collapse within my mind
Remembering feelings hard to find
Emotions sweet and tenderly delivered

On words contained inside a dream
Where fantasy begins to sing
My wandering soul climbs paths of the bewildered

Soft whispered hopeful sentiments
Conceal secreted armaments
Whose wisdom veils an unseen blessed hero

Angelic message, sacred rings
Beauty adorned, encompassing
The graceful peace I hear outside my window

Children at Play�

Sparkling orbs glitter in the sunshine
Smiling with a soundless melody
Showers radiate enthusiasm
Ardently transporting wondrous glee

Joyful essence wafts upon a whisper
Winds deliver scented ecstasy
Fragrant raining message gently sprinkles
Patient peaceful praise, persistently

Golden rays illuminate silk surface
Glowing with illusive sanctity
Graceful beams of gorgeous innocence
Cultivating sweet serenity

Laughter blesses those who stop to listen
Beatific chorus singing of a dream
Granting gift of purity and honor
Perceived as passing by on angels� wings


As silver tubes of sturdy strength hold his imagery
Sky blue eyes stare off in preparation for the dance
Ribbons lay in threaded streaks bordering the vict�ry
Ebony sheets of midnight advance triumphant dreams

He dons his armored shield proclaiming him defender
Portraits of a champion race soaring through his mind
And tightly grasps the leather sheathed circular control
As his wildly, beating heart anticipates the shot

Excited screams engulf the air, piercing ears with joy
Alert, intently focused, he quietly draws breath
Captured, daring not to breath again until the end
Unaware of other moments passing through his gaze

Sole contender for the prize, he never stopped to think
Flooring pedals to the ground without a second thought
Hastens in pursuit of heav�n, made of a checkered flag
Crossing into kingly realms where he is crowned supreme


The winds have blown the sadness from my dusty fields
Where I had strayed and lost my way within the drought
And blistering rays have laid to waste destructive paths
Of desolated hope hung dry on withered vines

Misty tears have gathered to mountainous purport
Hardhearted, anguish has been clouded by disguise
Desiccated, shriveled, distracted from the pain
Vaporous haze o�erwhelms my sight, seemingly to soothe

Unknown wonder has arrived and found a welcome
A rescued home among a strange forbidden land
Renovating dreams with the simplest watercourse
Redesigning expectation, deliv�ring peace

Falling showers reign above, christening my hope
Sent to cool my heated soul, my spirit renewed
Desert sands lay transformed, a lush and fertile ground
Supplying an excess, a surfeit of freedom

Unrecognizable, I stand within the shade
Of sheltered forest causeways, flowering with life
My heart once atrophied, has recovered, fully
And love, reflected, whistles softly in the light


Rays of light twist limber through the silken cloudy veil
And glow with tinted shades, drawn multihued
Blushing whispers wander upon submissive breezes
To journey into dreams of hidden truth

Soft caress of angels� wings pass silent thorough my mind
Their velvet memory has filled my soul
Serenity, a blanket, protecting hopefulness
Has fallen, faintly, silken over all

Whimpered cries of anguish are comforted with singing
Heard flowing o�er the trees beneath the moon
Speaking of a message, deliverance to heaven,
His priceless trust is offered as a boon

Floating like a feather, the promised liberation
Strives to fulfill my heart�s capacity
My spirit overflowing with faith reborn through fire
Sits humble, bowing low and reverently

It was my cross�

I see you there upon the hill
standing tall beneath my shame
Indestructible, stalwartly bearing
all the grief I�ve caused
Humble origin, belying inner strength,
proclaims your love
Dressed in bloodstained mud,
and dripping blackest sin,
I gave you pain

Yet your gaze remains tender,
falling like rain upon my soul
I am not worthy,
I am in agony for you,
Would that I could take your place
Pierced, your hands still grasp the nails
of my blasphemy with caring
You wear my crown of stabbing thorns
and, yet, you still smile gently
Even blinded,
through your fiery misery,
you justify

Truly you are grace incarnate,
sent to save me from your wrath
Unworthy, I lay prostrate at your feet
begging you to rise
Grateful for you sacrifice,
and sorrowful I made the need
I commit my life,
existing only,
to serve in your name

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Wow-- how beautiful. Thanks for a hopeful morning -- the sun is rising through my picture windows as I sit in bed, waking, nose running from pollen, enjoying morning, dawn, release from dreams, unified with all the universe.

Posted by: Michael Whimire at March 25, 2007 12:51 PM

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