July 09, 2004

David got a job!

I mentioned that this past weekend, David and his friend David S. had gone around town applying for jobs. I think they applied over a dozen places before they were done. This kind of motivation and initiative is certainly a sign of how well his medication is working. This is the kind of behavior I have not seen from him in years! David made certain to deliver the remaining applications hehad completed tuesday.

Yesterday morning, he got a call from the Dollar Tree, a local "everything is a dollar" kind of store for an interview at 11am. He went in and was hired on the spot! He is to go in for a couple hours training Saturday, and already has a 17 hour schedule for next week! This is a wonderful thing.

I think this may be an ideal kind of job for him. It is a very small store, with few employees. It is not very intellectually challenging, and should be relatively stress free. I am so proud of him. The fact that he initiated the process, applied, followed through and got the job on his own is a miracle.

There is a blessing under every rock, we just need to keep turning them over!

David is still continuing to have a daily time of irritability that can easily fall into paranoid, delusional ideations... since this weekend, but he is coming out of it, each time, sooner than the time before. I think the stress of the weekend is still telling, but things are working to level out.

Unfortunately, we are still working on the self-awareness thing. When he gets upset, David still falls into the trap of refusing to take his medication, as "It is not doing anything, so why should I take it?" We did this conversation again yesterday. :o(

When David is calm and clear, he understands, but in the heat of his delusional thinking, I have to force the issue of medication, as a requirement of living at home. This and physical aggression are the two ABSOLUTE rules that Mom must have her way on, period. No negotiation allowed... I hate having to play the heavy.


The Dove

The call soft and low whispers in the night
A frequent warble velvet on the breeze
Hidden in plain sight, though oft� unseen
Silently, he sits, perched upon a dream

Luminous, he flies on wings of brilliance
Resplendent, radiance glows in the heav�ns
And covers all our souls with tenderness
Salvation is delivered as we breathe

Songs of peace fall from his feathered fingers
Itinerant, they land in open hearts
Down into our cities filled with darkness
Causing voiceless anguish to depart

Floating high on currents of the faithful
Acquiring vigor from their lifted prayers
Hopefulness� expression falls like droplets
Cascading o�er the universe with light

Hardly has a word been heard, e�er spoken
But these, from heav�n inspired:
�This is my son�

Magic Hour�

It is night
Silence rules the room
The magic hour when every sound is magnified
Echoing, reverberating, ringing, clinging to my skin
and I can identify each heartbeat in my home

Breathing breathy snores, whisper
softly in one room, louder in another
Snuffles, sniffles, snorting
proclaiming ownership of a portion of my soul,
a piece of my heart, and, a plot of my time

This is the point when I can sit
and bathe within the peace
warm, imbued with fragrance of elapsed serenity
Love�s perfume is raining, falling gently on my ears
Heard in every shuffle of the sheets

There is no explanation for the happiness I feel
in these times of fleeting fancy, that I find when others sleep
For here I dream, wide awake, and pray, with open eyes
talking to myself, and answering in silence
soft, between my ears
and the clarity I find within responses I create
exceeds the wisdom, anywhere, contained in daylight�s gates

This is a thrilling spell, an enchanted, charming dream
when darkness soothes my eyes and leads my heart to sing
hymns of gratitude for the gifts my family are
Indebted, here, to heaven�s grace
for the chance to have this place
to live this time, to feel this love
to sit this night, and hear them move

This is the magic hour
It is night�

Jungle Gym

The rungs of time hover overhead
Tempting, in their propinquity
Taunting, with their imagery
Guiding gaze� objective
Toward an undiscovered path

Hanging at the boundary of his grasp
Forcing him to reach beyond his ease
To step outside his comfort place
Into the world beyond
Toward unfamiliar treasures
Yet unseen

Shining in the sun, they catch his eye
Urging him to enter into dreams
Of Herculean bravery
Daring to intrepidly
Advance into a heavenly

Called life

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My son slipped on the soccer field trying to run as fast as he used to..from your personal experiences tell me will he able to sustain his sports interests and to what level given that he is on medicines.Soccer and basket ball are his passion and his benchmarks in recovery are all based on reachinglevels in these games.

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