August 20, 2004

To parents of younger mentally ill and developmentally delayed children...

Dalton returned to school just over a week ago. I went to his school open house last evening. He is doing wonderfully this year. His teacher for reading and math took me aside, and told me he is clearer, brighter, and more alert. He is ready to learn and excited about school this year! This is the same teacher for these subjects he had last year...

I thought I had noticed this myself when we took him off the Topamax at the beginning of summer, but it is wonderful to have it confirmed. He had been on Topamax for so long that we did not realize that it was dulling him a bit.

There were times when he was so psychotic and unstable, early on, I never thought I would see this day, but there is hope with patience and persistence. He will be 11 on the 28th.


Summer's end...

The wheels on the bus turned�

It was early on a Wednesday morning and the sun was shining brightly. Under a cloudless sky they stood waiting in anticipation. After a halted hiatus, far too short in both their views, the end to summer fun had come. She looked on with pride and poignancy as he bounced with excitement. Her heart beat pitter-pat, then skipped a beat, as he barely allowed a hug before departure...

and the wheels on the bus turned�

The screech of air-brakes ripped a hole in the morning peace. Her stomach turned a somersault in response. Exchanging smiles with Driver Phil, salutations were restrained, and brief concerns were passed with wings of hope. Her, blue-eyed angel, turned for one more smile, as lugging bags of treasure he climbed the stair. The bus�s aide reassured and guided him to his scheduled berth, and settling in, he strapped his buckled belt into place, as they shut the door behind him and released the brakes�

The wheels on the bus turned�

carrying her hope into tomorrow, then rolled away onto the shining path. They drove on, leaving her behind, clutching hard to treasured dreams and memories of days since passed, and those still yet to come�

and the wheels on the bus turned�

while he waved his upraised hand in a sign of peace.

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