September 10, 2004

I Surrender All�

I wish I were an angel who could fly into your dreams
To wash away your tired tears and clear your angered screams
I wish that I could calm your heart with soft and silken words
Delivered on the melodies of sweetly singing birds
I wish that you would never feel the need to run and hide
From all the qualms within your mind, secreted deep inside
I wish that you could only see the heavenly display
That filled my soul when you were born upon a special day
I wish that I could heal your pain with but a single kiss
Which fallen on your velvet cheek would bring your spirit bliss
I wish that you could feel the joy your presence brings to me
For one transitory instant when you could simply be
I wish that I could make your sorrow vanish in the night
By exorcising agony eternally from sight
I wish I had a way to comfort your intransient fears
To bring you quiet for a spell relieving you from tears
I wish I had an answer for the reason that you feel
That no one cares if you should die, while wondering what is real
I wish for resolution, for a heartfelt remedy
As finding myself broken when you say a prayer for me
I wish and cry, I wish and pray, I wish you had a chance
To live your life without this dry and desolated dance
Yet all my wishes are for naught within the greater scheme
Designed by time, by fate, by life beheld within the theme
That God ordained to be the goal you were born to achieve
And give you up to heaven, putting faith in him to save

You � My child � My son �

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