June 13, 2007

Promoting Positive Schizophrenia.

For your enjoyment. Buddhist Child in Contemplation taken By Stuart Baker-Brown 2005 Kathmandu.

One of the things I try and do in my life is promote Positive Schizophrenia and this includes not only wanting to climb Everest but working with the Arts. I wish to help prove we can all be greater than our diagnosis of schizophrenia and the diagnosis is only 'part of the person' and not the whole.

I have become very interested in photography since visiting Nepal and the Himalayas. The Mountains and people represent an exciting far away land, an extreme wonderful land, that has been forgotten in time. The Kingdom of Nepal and the Himalayas are very precious to me. They represent a way of life and values I sometimes long to find in the UK.

I wish to share my travels and my photography with many, to inspire and bring some joy to those who wish to share my experiences and to show I am more than the labels and misconceptions attached to schizophrenia!

I believe many people with schizophrenia have strong intelligence and strong perception, probably too much perception of the world which surrounds them and most definitely are a people who are rarely recognised for the talents and creativity they can truly possess.

This photograph represents to me the understanding, beauty and peace of Buddhism. The understanding and peace I long for, as someone who is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I hope this photograph will give some pleasure to all who see it.

Stuart Baker-Brown. www.onemansmountain.com

Buddhist Child in Contemplation111.jpg

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