December 04, 2007


For many years I did not wear a watch. I could not bare to look at a clock. I felt TIME had forgotten me. I played no part in the past, present or future. Recovery from schizophrenia has been a long journey. I can remember clearly, on one Autumn day in 2002, walking along the main high street in Dorchester Dorset UK. Just the fact I was walking by myself in the high street was proof of my new found confidence and growing strength of mind.

I had gone to Dorchester with the aim to buy myself a watch and to force TIME and the feeling of self worth back into my life. To make myself recognise my recovery was begining and that my role as a fellow human being and importance as an equal individual was being re-established. By me!

I could only afford a watch which cost £10. But the symbolic statement it made as I wrapped the watch around my wrist was priceless. Suddenly, I was a part of TIME once more. Suddenly, I became part of the Human Race again.

I now own a kitchen clock and 2 watches. Maybe, as my life continues to improve, I may buy another, a third and then a fourth.

Stuart Baker-Brown

Posted by Stuart Baker-Brown at December 4, 2007 11:11 AM
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