October 11, 2007

BBC A Beautiful Mind Article.

BBC article written by me for World Mental Health Day.

The article was written to help inspire and offer hope to all those people that feel demoralised and broken with schizophrenia. To show there is a way forward. I have had emails saying the article is a false statement to those with the diagnosis and people with schizophrneia can not amount to much at all.

Why do so many feel that it is almost impossible to recover from this tragic illness...IT IS POSSIBLE! We need inspiration and hope.

When will this misunderstanding and discrimination end. There is a way forward with this illness, i know, i have reached that way forward. I have a deep personal insight, which has been gained through pain and destruction.

I have experieced all that schizophrneia can throw at a person, the daily voices and delusions that rule our lives, the destruction of all the symptoms that harm so much.

I KNOW it can be overcome. I have been in the dark spiralling tunnel of darkness myself, year after year, and have come through.

At the end of the day, i just want to inspire and offer a ray of light to those who are in so much pain. It is needed, so desperatly needed.


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