June 04, 2004

Good Medicine

I didn't forget that I had this blog, I just got used to using it when things were bad and not good.
Now there is more good and normal than there has been in a very long time, and I thank all of you who write, and the doctor that helps with medication and the new medication Abilify ... it is a good thing, and although it is very expensive, it is worth its weight in gold.
There hasn't been a dillusion in about 6 weeks, not a bad one anyway, and they are not about me, they are about, simple things. Bills paid on time, spending time together, getting work done around the house. NORMAL stuff.
Micheal is enjoying it too. He is happy and eager to help out, and we have been enjoying all of our time together.
I can't say that it will forever be this way, but I can sure hope for it.
I think going to church together has helped with the bad things that were happening too...we have more than one good thing to believe in and that gives us the will to keep surviving this illness.
Micheal is so much better, the battles were worth it, all the pain and the anger and teaching myself to understand ... it has made ALL of the difference in our world.
God Bless you all
I will write again soon ... about the good stuff. Because now there is so much more.

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