August 30, 2004

More Normal

WOW ... its been months since I posted anything. I have to say that time flies when normal rules the roost, like it has for the last few months.
I can't say it has been perfect, far from that, but it has been good. Michael is feeling better, sleeping better, and dealing with stress a whole lot better than when I first started this blog in April, and I think it has everthing to do with the drug Abilify and the support he gets from me, (though I am more often frustrated than not), and his family.
He has had fewer than three really bad melt-downs in the last four months, and his dilusions have just about become non-existant. Every once in a while it pops its ugly head up and I have to get it under control, but the time duration has become less and less and he is feeling more in control, and he recognizes them sooner and deals with them better.
Overall happiness has been around a lot lately and that is a good feeling.
His support of me has been great too. My dad had a heart attack a month ago and Mike was the best at making me feel better and giving me support-he wasn't worried or overwhelmed by the whole thing, and that was a help for me. No arguments, no disagreements, he was just by my side no questions asked.
I wish this could be true for so many of you who have cz or are dealing with it with a family member or friend. It wasn't easy getting here, to this point. There was more than one time I was ready to run ... we aren't married, it isn't like I promised anything, I just truely love him and would never walk out in the middle of a crisis, and that is what made all of the difference.
I hope all of you have better days and find comfort in something simple that makes your life worth while. Your children, your friends, a book, God ... I can't say I know what it is like to have sz ... but I know what it is like to see it take the life out of someone right before your very eyes and it is frightening. Hold tight to something concrete, don't let it get the best of you. Anyone of believes that what we have is their normal, we can only strive to make it the best normal we can.
God bless all of you who read this, you are all in my thoughts.
I will keep everyone posted ... remember the holidays are right around the corner ! Unit next time take care of each other.

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