August 06, 2005

The resident and hospital

I have been at my convention for the past couple days so it has been hard for me to fit everything in. I missed the resident's call yesterday and she left me a message stating that she was going into meetings and that she would try me after she was done. She never called. Last night after I got home, I called to talk to the night nurse to see how he has been and she said that they increased his Visteril for sleep and added an additional dose if he wasn't asleep in an hour. Well, the night before I had them cut it down to 12.5 mg bc he was having trouble waking to go to the bathroom. They did that for 1 night, that's it! He had trouble falling asleep, I think he was being stubborn about another issue and was on a strike. Today was his first day off Abilify.
The resident calls me today and says, well we recommend he go to RTC for a 30-45 day eval and we take him off of everything. I told her there is no way I am putting him through that again! We did it last summer and it was the hardest thing for me to ever do and I refuse to do it again. Then she said well I am putting that down as our first recommendation! Then she said day treatment, which is fine for me if I she that it is helping. She said, but I don't think that you can handle it at home. Excuse me! Then she said there was no one on the U Team that would put him on Clozaril. Well then. Then she says we would like to start Buspar, but on higher dosages than he was on before! I said, we've been there, done that and it is an antidepressant, Brandon does not do well with them and they are known for making kids more suicidal! He needs an AP not an AD! I was so upset that I could not even focus much for the rest of the morning. I had a really hard time. They are not denying that he is schizophrenic or schizoaffective, she just won't treat something she can't see. They have documented thought disorder in his chart from the doctor that over sees the resident. I know Brandon doesn't feel comfortable talking to people, especially if they are new to him. Apparently his reg doc is going to see him tomorrow. We will see what she says. Now he is only on Lithium and will be coming home on that and only that at some point next week. "They are observing him." Whatever, I just want him to have the right treatment that will make sure that we see some stability and that I know he is safe.
I am so frustrated with the hospital and there whole system. I am so tempted to pull him out and take him to the other hospital where at least I would be contacted before they touch a med or a parent is viewed more as a partner in my childs care. I am hoping to get him into the NIMH research study, but that would be packing up and leaving everything behind. It may be his only hope. We can just pray that things will work out for him, no matter what happens.

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