April 28, 2004

New Business Plan for PRTNS

Yesterday we had a meeting at Project Return: The Next Step headqaurters where we discussed a new mission statement and business plan for the organization. It was exhilerating.

Our new mission statement is:

Project Return: The Next Step provides social opportunities and promotes wellness, personal growth, self esteem and peer support while encouraging and empowering leadership.

Our Values are:

Well-being is a real and reachable goal for people with mental illness.

Peer to peer support is a vital part of the recovery process. It helps consumers build a natural base of support in the community that they can count on as they grow in independence and integration.

Consumer voices are essential to designing, developing, and delivering responsive mental health care and rights.

Qaulity consumer-run programs have an integral place in the mental health services system.

Employment can be valuable to recovery, and consumer employees deserve a living wage comparable to their non-disabled counterparts.

People are not defined by their mental illness; they should be recognized by their skills and talents and be encouraged and supported in developing their capabilities.


PR:TNS has both service- and system-related goals which are:

To help consumers thrive in the mental health community more successfully and with greater comfort and satisfaction.

To support individuals in supporting their personal life goals, such as living independently, having jobs persuing an education,and benefiting from a strong social support network.

To increase consumer-run opportunities, demonstrating cost-effective, high-quality programs that significantly improve life for members.

Goals PR:TNS would like to achieve:

To create Friendships outside club environment.

To create community support teams to visit sick memebers.

To provide opportunities to share resources.

To increase independent living skills such as taking public transit.

To empower members and make them more assertive by allowing them to plan and implement their own activities.

To be a family environment. We have brotherhood and sisterhood.

To teach skills in educating families on mental illness.

To offer anger management classes.

To teach members in board and cares what their rights are and how to file a grievance with protection and advocacy.

To educate about medication management.

To assist members in addressing credit and legal issues.

To outreach to warm line callers to gain new members.

To extend warm line hours especially during holidays.

To teach how to lobby for funding and advocate for rights.

To maintain a bilingual (English/Spanish) warm line.

To support initiation or continuation of education by taking members to a school, giving them a tour, and assisting them in enrolling in disability resources.

To educate members about free education at vocational schools and community colleges for people on SSI, GR, or SSDI.

To train members to speak on panels at Jr. highs, high schools, and colleges about mental illness.

To do one-to-one outreach.

To do more promotion.

To give referrals to other agencies.

To take more trips such as a three day cruise to Ensenada.

To Open eight new Discovery Centers. (These are member run clubhouses. We currently have two. One is in Long Beach and the other is in Palmdale.)

To teach computer programs that create marketable skills.

To create jobs such as a business owned and operated by members.

To set up e-mail for all members.

It was fun to pretend we had a million extra dollars coming in and we needed to decide what to do with it. We had a productive meeting and I feel empowered by the fact that our ideas will affect the future of mental health consumers in Los Angeles County for many years to come.

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