June 29, 2005

Trip to Dr.

I went to the dr.(an endocronologist) last week about the pain I had been having and he said the pain was unrelated to pco so he referred me back to my ob/gyn. He did give me metformin and aldactone though. Those are sedating me. I have been sleeping 12 or so hours a day. I am still in pain and the ob/gyn said he will give me no more Ibufrofen. He said I shouldn't have a hysterectomy because I am too young; but I am considering it. I think he is disgusted with me and doesn't want to work with me anymore.

On a lighter and more entertaining note I was helping my friend put together tables from IKEA and I said how many Schizophrenics does it take to put two tables together? And she said four: two people and their imaginary friends. It was only a joke.

I heard Bush's speech on the state of the war in Iraq and then I heard about a website where they show what is really happening in Iraq. It is www.worldtribunal.org Check it out.

I thought it was so cool that it turned out that Jack Kerouac was Schizophrenic. Interesting.

I didn't get to see Paperclips. Maybe another time. I went to visit my friend Linda the other day and we swam and watched part of Steel Magnolias. Linda sang the blues on her guitar. She wants me to have a party. Maybe I can do that in July.

The job that I said I would check out didn't pan out because you need a car. I am thinking of buying a car soon. I'm a little afraid to drive though. Maybe I can after i get my meds fixed. I called the Access line tonight to try to get help because my case manager said that I wouldn't be allowed to speak to a nurse or a dr. until july the 13th when my appointment is. The nurse on the line could not advise me on the drugs but said that if they still refuse me tomorrow then I should call patients rights. OOPS! I don't want to stir up a can of worms but...

Oh, I am getting a poem published. It will be in a book from poetry.com. I am so stoked. MY poem is called Life.

I went to a party at the clubhouse and i started wondering what the bleep I was doing there playing pass the coconut. It was a Hawaiin party. That was Friday. I haven't been back; but might return on Thursday to go to a museum with the members.

I went to a meeting last Tuesday for people with M.I. and I felt entirely unsafe. The leader told me that the pain was in my mind. Then later a guy started in on me about how i closed his club when i used to work for the organization. I am not going back.

One of my friends(Christian) bought me a webcam and it has been fun to use.

A lady wrote me and asked me to try out to be in an article in Glamour magazine on schiz. but I decided not to try because I am not highly successful at this time.

Friday I am flying to Denver and then from there I will ride with my sis and her family to Encampment, Wyoming. I am still stressed about it since i will have to be at the airport at 7:00 a.m. That means i must leave my house at 5:00 or 5:30 a.m.

OH, I cut up a watermelon and froze the chunks and let them thaw a little and then blended it. It makes a watermelon slushy. Yummy!

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at June 29, 2005 03:50 AM


i think this is a good story-
but are you a schiz because i wouldnt make fun of them if i was!!! plus my dad is and i dont think the whole "joke" was funny at all!!!!

Posted by: kayli at February 23, 2006 04:48 PM

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