November 25, 2005

Becoming Assertive

I am trying to become more assertive. I made an appointment to see a new Gyno for Tuesday the 29th of November. I will be asking for a blood test called a CA-125. This is one of the tests that can possibly detect Ovarian Cancer. My cousin had ovarian cancer and I need to rule out the possibility of that being the cause of my ovarian pain. I have never been given this test before. They say that if you have a close relative who has had the disease and you have never had children then you are at an increased risk of developing it.

I took over the club called Ups and Downs which is a support group for people with bipolar and unipolar depression. People with any diagnosis of mental illness are welcome. I will attend the Advisory Board tomorrow between 9:45 and 3:00. I will receive $85 for 12 hours of work per month. That is not a lot of money but I think it is worth my effort to keep the club afloat. This was the first meeting I ever went to to get support for mental illness. It really has changed over the years. I have to rebuild it from scratch.

I am still waiting on a phone call to get to interview for L.A. Unified School District.

I had my Thnksgiving dinner here last night. It was good. I had two friends over. My friend Julie bought a carrot cake with cheese cake frosting.

My Mom is throwing a Christmas party at her house on December 10. Also, I have a party on December 21.

One of my friends is in the hospital. That makes me sad.

The Home Buying class I attended last Saturday was quite informative. I found out about a program that could help my mom buy a four plex or triplex to use as low income housing. Also, I learned that the programs that I already knew about can be applied to a duplex if you can't afford to buy a home by yourself. You can go in on it with a friend or a relative and still obtain loan assistance and a low interest rate as long as both applicants will be occupants. So, I could get my friend Julie or my cousin Lori to buy with me as long as the second person lives in the other half of the unit. It cannot be used as a rental unit.

I'm considering taking a temporary job just to make ends meet. Maybe as a caregiver.

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