March 05, 2006

I have worked for two days

I worked Thursday and Friday. It was quite momentous for me since I hadn't worked for over a year. I was very zoned out. The principal asked if I was overwhelmed the first day. I lied and told her no. I have been feeling so tired lately. I was supposed to go have some bloodwork done Monday morning at the clinic where I see my shrink; but I must work. So I will call my friend Fardin tomorrow and ask him for the name of a Dr. who I can visit after work. He has the name of a good Dr. I am to have my glucose, cholesterol, and my hormones checked.

The other aide in the classroom was very funny and welcoming and asked me to participate in a game where we pulled a boy out of the tv set. We were on inclimate weather schedule and the kids needed to be entertained. So he pretended that one boy had disappeared into the t.v. I said that we could send a space rocket to get him back out again. So then I was the captain of the ship and I was told to invite two students up to dance with me until we got the kid out. So the students in their chairs were clapping and one was dancing with me and another was too shy so he just stood there grinning. It was hilarious. I was doing some dance like a Russian kicking and clapping thing. Who knows what. Some children drew pictures for me. One boy is a good artist and he drew me. I was really happy. I am working with mildly learning disabled students. I fit in perfectly. They aren't quite sure yet where they will place me within the school; but I hope I get to stay where I am.

I must be at work at 8:00 a.m. This is very difficult since it takes over one hour to take two buses there. So I get up at 5:00. This has me really exhausted. Today I woke up with pain. I hope I don't have that again on Monday morning.

I started running the meeting again on Tuesday nights. I need the group. It helps me.

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