April 13, 2006

The biopsy is taken care of

I went to get my biopsy on Tuesday, April 11. It was very painful. Don't let anyone tell you that it isn't. Today I fasted and did a blood test for my liver and also for cancer. I will know the results by next Tuesday. My doc thinks that there is no cancer because the sample he pulled out was small. (whatever that means) I am still sleepy. I got some Motrin from the dr. He told me to take Tylenol before the biopsy and that was like not taking anything.

I didn't get to attend the Getty Center event from LA Linkup. I was very disappointed. I had a lot of pain. I still would like to shoot the photo assignment and go to the other event I am signed up for.

Victor and I are together again. We had a misunderstanding. (Drama, huh.) I saw him and Athena his daughter Saturday and Sunday. I will probably see him today. Saturday or Sunday I will probably attend Easter service with Victor. They are having some labor dispute at the church that we go to. I have to learn more about it.

I am seeing my friend on Sunday. She is taking Access (paratransit) to my house around 11:00 a.m. and we will hang out here for a bit and then get another van back to her new apartment. This way I get to see her new place. She likes it a lot she says.

I had my friend Christian over for dinner again on Tuesday. We had cornish game hens. Today I am having my groceries delivered.

I would like to go to an earth day event in my area on Saturday the 22nd. They will have lots of bands, poetry, and food. On the 29th and 30th there is a festival of books sponsored by the L.A. Times that I would like to attend. I still would like to see Ashes and Snow at The Santa Monica Pier. That is an exhibit which runs through May. I am asking for that for my birthday. It has photography, videos and music of people and animals filmed together. If I can arrange it then I would also like to go to the San Antonio Winery. They have a good restaurant, I hear. I will be 37 this year.

I believe that I will be able to be more socially active once I am better physically. These last two years I have been restricted to just keeping the same friends and aquaintances from mental health organizations. I finally realize that I have been restricting myself. That is why I have not ventured out to new groups. I have been afraid to; but have also felt trapped by the medical problem I have been having.

I don't think that my friends and I will be able to rent my Mom's house because her partner will most likely be getting a new job locally which means that she will remain in the house.

There is a new peer counseling class opening up at the clubhouse in May that I could possibly attend. It lasts all summer. At least it would give me a direction. If I get better by Fall I might go back to school. I wouldn't mind finishing my B.A. or studying to be either a masseuse or a physical therapy assistant. I have dreamed of doing occupational therapy or physical therapy ever since I was hospitalized in 1992 and they had a symposium there at the facility on occupational therapy. That was my last hospitalization.

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