April 19, 2006

News from the Loony Bin

I have not gotten my test results back from the biopsy nor have I gotten the results of the blood test I took last Thursday. I am actually in a very good mood because I might have the opportunity to split a HUD apartment with my friend Christian. It is a two bedroom. I don't know much about it yet except the location. It is sort of near where I used to live. (two years ago) I received a call from the manager of the building asking if I was interested in a two bedroom. I had contacted her about a month ago to inquire about a three bedroom I saw listed in the newspaper. I didn't have enough people to rent it since you need at least one person per bedroom. My Mom must provide a letter stating that she contributes so much to my finances every month so that I can qualify. She is thinking it over. The rent would be between $800-$900 total per month. With Victor and I sharing a room we would split the rent by three and only pay $250-$300 per month. So I hope that it all falls into place. The three of us are scheduled to sign papers on Thursday to apply.

I will see my friend Ron for lunch tomorrow because it is his birthday. He is turning 59. At 1:00 I see Fardin for Starbuck's. Then I see the Dr. Shrink. On Thursday Ron is celebrating his birthday at a pizza place and I hope to go. It starts at 6:30 p.m. I think I talked Victor into going to the Earth Day world festival at Woodley Park on Saturday.

Last Sunday I saw my friend Wendy and we went to her house and chatted for a while. She is very positive and makes me laugh. She wants for the two of us to go to the beach and to museums via Access paratransit. So I was really happy about that. She has kidney damage from Lithium and must eat carefully or risk needing to have dialysis. I wanted to go to church on Easter night but wound up not going due to pain and fatigue. I am out of Motrin and really don't want to ask for more. I will probably call the pharmacy and ask if I can have a refill tomorrow.

On Saturday I travelled to No Ho(North Hollywood) Arts district on the busway and had some fun. I was originally trying to go to an art gallery there; but discovered that they are between shows. So I continued on to my next step which was paying off a $14 library fine. Then I checked out some books ( An Iyanla Van Zant book and a Healing Prayer book) I realized through reading a bit of the prayer book that I would really be interested in reading the book by Marianne Williams called A course in Miracles. Then I went to buy stamps at the P.O. I went to the machine because I hate to wait in line at the P.O. There is supposed to be a theatre festival there next month. I really would love to go. They have many venues to see live theatre and many of the short plays are free. I bought the coolest turqoise ring there last year.

Yesterday I did laundry and cleaned a bit. I only went out once for Teriyaki. Today I went to the Dollar Tree. Everything there is one dollar and my friend Wendy says it is like a Target, only cheaper. I bought some fun stuff and some necessary stuff. I walked there and caught the bus back. My day has been dull I suppose.

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