May 09, 2006

It's all good

I saw my ex boyfriend over the weekend and it went well. We shall see what happens. He is going away to Virginia for a month.

Today out of the blue an old friend called. I thought she wasn't speaking to me anymore; but she was just in a depression. She asked me to go to the meeting near me for bipolar people tonight. So I am quite thrilled about that.

I went to the library Saturday and looked for a new book by Amy Tan but couldn't locate it. The librarian tried to help me but she couldn't find it either. The computer said that they had it so I made a special trip to that location. After that I went to the Salvation Army where they had a banner that said everything was 50% off. I bought $20 worth of clothing.

I decided to take my Mom to a improv comedy show this weekend. It is her birthday tomorrow and of course mother's day is Sunday. I have three Mom's so I will celebrate three times as much.

I feel really good today after a hard morning. I was able to go open a new bank account today. The new branch I went to had high security and a different sort of a layout. Each the tellers stood behind a little counter with a computer and a register on it. They were not behind glass. It is hard to explain. Anyhow it was a positive experience. There were not a lot of people and the staff was very polite.

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