August 09, 2006

Full Moon Crazy

Tonight is a full moon and I feel a shift in the universe. My universe in particular. Does that make any sense?

Yesterday I saw my mom and she mentioned a friend who lives in Long Beach and owns a house who might want to rent out a room to me. So I thought that that sounded exciting. I am still intrigued. But what she doesn't know is that Will has been asking to live with me here at my apartment. I would honestly rather move into another apartment with him. I would like to live in a 2+2 apartment instead of this studio + loft. I have one bath upstairs and it is inconvenient. Anyway, I don't feel ready to live with him yet because I just got out of a relationship. When I mentioned to Will that they will raise the rent here and demand that he gets on the lease he didn't say much. I don't know if he can afford to pay me half of all household expenses right now because he doesn't have a job. So I am seriously considering asking about renting the room in Long Beach.

Long Beach has more going on than the valley I live in I think. They are their own city, not the city of L.A. They have lots of libraries and they have a Cal State University there. Plus they are right on The Pacific Ocean. I have this dream of living somewhere where I can bicycle on a path. And they have bike paths by the beach. They have better transportation than here and more nightlife.

I got a little sad when I read about the heat advisory in a small city where my dad and stepmom live in Texas. I guess I am worried about them and I miss them.

I went to the concert at The Skirball and we saw an Appalacian group and a group called "I see Hawks in L.A." They are a very good country rock band. I want to get their cd.

Yesterday I saw a movie called "Quincenera." It was so good! A real surprise and very complex. I thought that it would be sweet like cotton candy; but there was a huge story other than the girl's fifteenth birthday party. I highly reccomend it.

I ordered the book I wanted off of called "Saving Fish From Drowning" by Amy Tan. Now the task of reading it. I would like to take a trip either by car, bus, or train up to Central or Northern California. I want to travel because I get to read more when I travel. I also would like to stay in a hostel near San Francisco. I found one that has cabins and is on a farm. It looks very pretty. I was thinking that Will and I could rent a car and go for 2-3 days. I don't know if we can afford it though. We may have to wait until October.

I facilitated my meeting last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had three members show up and we were giving each other a lot of resources. I was telling people about the Goodwill employment program that offers training and the Jay Nolan Vocational Program. They also offer training. I also gave a flyer from the local art house movie theater to a senior citizen in our group because they have $4 for seniors on Wednesdays. I gave them info about free concerts at the Skirball on Thursday nights. One member who is 50 years old said that he is concerned that his elderly parents will die in the next 5 years and he will not want to live alone. He will most likely inherit their house; but wants someone to live with. Also he is concerned about having a way to support himself. I had given him a job referral the last time I saw him and he is going to follow up with it. He is going to check out the Independent Living Center of Southern California to see if he can go to their roommate socials. There he may be able to hook up with someone to share housing with. He gave us a tip about a coffee house in Studio City that is a good social thing and he told us that Toluca Lake has a lot of cool gifts and hot apple cider at Christmas time. He explained that adult classes at the parks and community extension courses at colleges are good ways to meet people. He also entertained us with info about Central Casting which is the place to go if you would like to be a movie extra. He is a movie extra and told us that you get paid minimum wage and work long hours. Your work day could go from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. He said they have excellent free food there the entire time. One member is repeating a basic computer class for the second time. I think he needs a special program for disabled people because he is really struggling. Another member said he left his car running while he was inside of a meeting. He thinks this is partially due to the Depakote he is taking. I wish I knew more about the new memory enhancing drugs they are offering. I am not sure if they have put them on the market yet.

When I saw Will on Saturday night he was very late. He asked if I would cook him dinner and said he would be here at 7 p.m. So I cooked dinner and waited until he called at 7:30 p.m. and said he was still in San Pedro. I was pissed. So I ate and he didn't show up until 9 p.m. He ate then and he liked the food. But I couldn't really enjoy myself for a while because I just don't trust people who pull that stuff. He said he had to work; but he should have left work in time to get here on time. It is like the first time I saw him and he had me waiting for an hour past our meeting time. I am beginning to question why he is in such a hurry to live with me. Is it just convenient? I think he doesn't really know where he is headed. He is considering moving to Seattle still. But I don't want him to feel like the only way he will stay in this city is to get set up at my place. He said that his mind goes in many directions at once so maybe he is ADD. He has had me pay for everything when we go out and I guess that is because he has to drive a long way and gas is so high; but I don't like the supposition that I have money to burn. He gets money from the Veterans Administration because he served in the army; but I don't know how much he receives. He expects me to take him out for his birthday on the 17th. I hope I have money then.

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