August 14, 2006

Resurgence on the horizon

I wanted to thank spiritual emergency for the kind resource about the website. I found the site helpful and interesting.

Will started e-mailing on friday night to ask if we could get together on Saturday. So then we e-mailed a few times on Saturday with the same theme and it never turned into anything. He doesn't have any minutes left on his pre-paid cell phone and I wrote him about pre-paid home phone service and lifeline phone discount for the low income and he wrote back that people are too attached to land lines and that he had just called me from his computer. When he called I din't hear anyone speak and all I heard was static. I just hung up. That was Saturday night and I haven't e-mailed him nor has he written me. I am pissed off about it. This guy wanted to live with me recently and I am starting to think that he wanted a mama to cook and clean for him and give him shelter. So I am disappointed.

The room for rent in Long Beach fell through too. She said that she doesn't need a roommate currently. So I guess I am disappointed in that too; but I started thinking last night that I really could just reinvent myself here. As I have said before: "Wherever you go there you are".

I am going to an appointment in about one week at Olive View Gynocology dept. to see if they will perform a surgery on my ovaries. That will be the beginning to my return to health. Without my health I cannot work or finish school. My mom is accompanying me there.

I applied at Petco which is a pet food and supplies store that offers pet services in certain locations. I applied for assitant pet groomer. They train you and offer benefits even for part-timers.

I wrote to a local church to see if they would be willing to start a disabled ministries group. They minister to many different groups but they offer nothing for disabled members. I really would like to start a social group for disabled people possibly at a church. But I don't know if they would restrict it to Christians. I could earn more money with Project Return if I had a second club. A church would be a way to pull in members. I could earn possibly $56 more per month that way.

I noticed on the church website that they offer services such as turoring and social services to the community and I am going to call to see if they need volunteers.

My phone battery died and I currently have no phone in my house so I feel cut off from humanity. I might go to the clubhouse and use the phone there.

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