July 24, 2007

A Story part two

"We're going to take you to another ward where you will feel safer. Come with me."
Billy follows "Sandy Duncan through a door she has unlocked. She introduces him to Stella, Luigi, and a bunch of other old people. Billy sits down in a chair next to Estelle.

She says;"Can you pick up that peice of paper, honey?"? My sone wrote that phone number down for me. It is very important."

Billy bends over an dpicks it up. He hands it to her. Luigi is speaking but it is pretty much gibberish.

"Do you want to follow me?" is all Billy can make out.

"Where are you going?"

"Come on."

Billy gets up and follows Luigi out into the hall. Luigi disappears into his room and Billy stops. Then Billy hears Luigi take a piss with the door wide open. Billy goes back into the day room.

"Can you pick up that piece of paper honey, it's very important." Billy picks it up again.

"Just ignore her. All these people have Alzheimers or Dementia," a nurse tells him. "Sign here." Billy signs.

"What was that?

"That was a 72 hour hold. You jsut signed yourself in."

Billy feels duped. "Sandy Duncan" walks in and asks if he wants to do rounds with her. Billy agrees. They walk up to a room with an open door.

"She's not in there,"Billy tells her.

"How do you know? You are starting to scare me."

to be continued....

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at July 24, 2007 02:44 AM


I'm enjoying your story and am looking forward to reading the rest.

Posted by: jb at July 24, 2007 06:21 PM

interested to see the rest when it continues

Posted by: sarah at July 25, 2007 05:51 PM

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