December 17, 2007

Ay, The Apocolypse

Yeah that is all I hear about in my client's church. All hellfire and damnation. Such a turnoff. Yes the pastor says we will perish in the time of the second coming. Oh but the church will be spared. He never quite explained what the signs of the second coming are. At least not in a specific way. Yeah I'm a little jaded in this regard; but he has said the same thing for three weeks now. I am Bible illiterate and so it is not my idea of a good time. He doesn't believe in global warming. He thinks environmentalists need to find a new line of work. He says that the earth will die and so why even try to protect it. Either your down with Jesus or your not right. Torture city.

I went shopping for a gift for my nighbor for the $5 gift exchange we are having. We drew names. I got him some toiletries that are travel size. I know that is kind of a lame gift; but what can you buy for five bucks these days. I bought a nice scarf and a pair of earrings and I can't decide which one to give a good friend that I will be seeing on Christmas. I might ask whether she wears small earrings or large ones.

So last week a neighbor who has become a good friend came by to say hi and I invited her to dinner. She was feeling really down. I love to cook for people because that makes them happy. I made italian breaded baked chicken, asparagus with garlic and rice. Then we had a little banana bread that I had made. We had such a warm time and I made both my roommate and my good friend happy. I was cheered up too.

I went to this store called Big Lots and bought a bunch of ridiculous stuff. I got some thick soft socks that are really supposed to be house socks; but I am wearing them with my shoes.

Last Thursday I met a friend at the dollar tree and we bought a few things for Christmas decorations. That was fun. I got a cd of music to relax to and glitter glue in red, green, and red. I was thinking of decorating some jars in that stuff and filling the jars with cookies or whatever. I have been doing a lot of shopping lately and will only have $200 until the 28th. Then I get paid again.

The other day I went to Pier One and got some delicous smelling incense. I bought two packs. Then I went to a drug store and got a beautiful hair clip with white and powder blue rinestones. I also went to a really great grocery store that is not in my neighborhood and got some healthy food. I also bought some dark chocolate covered espresso beans and some espresso coffee. Yum Yum!

I decided to go back to my therapist although I disagreed with her alliance with the staff at this independent living program about the methods used to do the recent urinanalysis. She gave me a reccomendation to try to hold off on meeting new men until after the holidays because I am too sensitive right now due to the holidays. And you know what that is an excellent idea.

Right now I am listening to a Christmas cd called World Christmas. It has typical Chirstmas carols in languages other than English or different styles than we are used to hearing. I am sitting with a sun lamp staring me in the face so that maybe I will get some more energy. I have been sleeping a good 11 hours a night. I wake up and it still takes me three big cups of espresso to come out of the medical induced coma. I hope that as I taper off of some of my Abilify that I won't appear to be in a stupor anymore.

On the way to church on yesterday the van stopped to pick a mother and her two chidren and I sat next to her daughter. The little girl was probably three or four and was cute as a button. She has down syndrome and isn't verbal yet. We were communicating though. She pointed to my wrap and I said yeah it is soft isn't it. She nodded. Then I lifted my scarf so she could feel it and she loved it and held it to her face to feel it. She looked like she wanted to sleep with it on her. I told her I liked her shoes and she wanted to look at mine. I held up my foot for her to see. Then when it was time for my client and I to get out I patted her shoulder and told her to have a good day. She waved goodbye to me. That really was a nice experience.

I kind of want to buy a new camera so that I can take a photo class; but the one I need is $400. See they reccomend a digital camera with single lense reflex. So when I get my renters rebate I will have $300. I got a Christmas bonus from work which was a $50 American Express gift certificate and a gift card to Albertson's grocery store as well as a gift card for Target. Wow I hadn't expected that! So anyhow if I only have to spend $50 of my own cash to get a nice camera I'd be thrilled.

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