November 30, 2003

Recommended Reading: Websites

Bipolar Disorder Focus at - Lots of good information on all aspects of bipolar disorder (frequently misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, and similar in many aspects).
Early-onset Bipolar. This website is brought to us by Papolos & Papolos, the authors of ?The Bipolar Child?. The information is VERY applicable for Childhood Onset Schizophrenia!! Has Newsletters, information on symptoms, educational needs, sample IEP, and summarized information about, and analyses of, the pediatric use of the newest antipsychotics.
Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF)website. Contains links to more information, and boards about hospitals, residential treatment centers, medications, and more. Remember, the symptoms and treatment of COS, COS-A, and EOBP HIGHLY overlap.
Drug & illness information for consumers (as opposed to professionals, although it does have that for registered medical professionals). Simple, easy-to-understand information about illnesses and medications (including proper use, precautions, side-effects, etc). Also has articles. HIGHLY recommended site for anyone wanting LOTS of information in layman language.
A lifetime of reading is at this site. Has a Schizophrenia Resource Center. You must register to use it, but it?s free. You get the latest (daily updates) news (both from Reuters Health as well as other news) in any medical category. It has a link directly into the famous ?medline search? tool which is allows you to search through an enormous database of medical research articles, many of which have on-line abstracts. It will cost money to get the actual full-article, but often, the abstracts are good enough. Also has links to on-line medical lessons "CME". Site has medical dictionary, drug information, medical conference summaries, case studies, and more.
Radio shows (1 hr) with Dr. Goodwin. Uses Real Audio. Every week, a new radio show is added. Includes summaries. Covers diverse topics such as ?The Bipolar Child?, ?Epilepsy?, ?Psychosis?, ?Cell Phones?, ?Menopause and the Mind? and many many more.

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