July 04, 2005

Dad's Behavior is Very Strange, I Cannot Label It

Good morning, day, evening, whatever time that it is around in your part of the world.

My father is exhibiting very strange behavior signs that I cannot call. He is in a very high "manic state", drinking excessive amounts of coffee, colas and caffeine. He is also smoking. I know from my readings that Abilify and smoking do not go hand in hand.
Who knows what else he could be doing? He is avoiding me at times and at other times he is hunting me down. I just wish he would go somewhere and rest himself. He takes whatver medicines he wants to take and avoids others at all cost. When he walks downtown, he speed walks and should be careful, for he has a "infected foot'. He has "delusions of grandeur", appearing to be someone that he is not. He goes around carrying a Bible at times, striking up conversstions with persons that he does not even know. He wears a cap that makes him look kike a "jitterbug, a man who tries to be young and makes flirtations with younger women. He is still giving that young twenty-five year old his money, resulting in his being broke the rest of the month. The moral of this short writing: If a person with schizophrenia does not take their medicine over an extended period of time,and refuses to do so, then as a caring family member sometimes you just have to let go and let God. There is nothing you can do but go on with what you have to do in life because you can becomr very ill, along with the noncompliant fmmily member by burning yourself out. You can still love them; however enough is enough.

Posted by sharon at July 4, 2005 10:03 PM


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