October 25, 2005

Stranger, Indeed

Hello everyone. I just don't know what is going on with my dad, for everything is a secret. First of all, schizophrenia he is in denial with for he is not going to take the Abilify or anything connected with the malady. Secondly, his foot is giving him trouble, it seems to have a boil or ulcer near the ankle and he keeps running to the emergency room for treatment, only to turn around and come back home. Why don't they keep him if he won't stay off of his feet? It seems like the foot is getting worse and worse with each pressing day. I ty to inquire of information only to be told that it's confidential.

He does not want to stay in the hospital but I am seriously thinking of having him committed. He wants to stay home so that he could roam around in the building, go to the health center and the terminal where they eat their lunch.

I am thinking that they are going to amputate his foot eventually. I am sure they are considering it and he is not going to like that. Well, he should behave now. He cannot keep still because the side effects of not being on that medication is worse. Schizophrenia has to be treated, let us not make any mistakes. You and I both know that is a solid fact. It cannot be changed. But a seventy-year old man can make his own choices. HE SIMPLY DOES NOT WANT THE MEDS. Ok, well he has to suffer the dire consequences, and dire they are!

My brothers and sisters can have a share taking turns going to his apartment when the nurse is not there so that he does not get up unnecessarily. They all have Ford Expeditions and Durangos and they can do something for him when they can. I am only one person, still trying to learn in school, get my degrees and take care of my condition. I have limitations just like everyone else. I know that my father is playing the role of a stranger, he is not himself. I have to just pray and let nature and God handle things. I am a firm believer that my heavenly Father will not let me handle anything that I cannot. My father is not doing something right and I just cannot figure it out, but he knows what he is doing when he wants to hide behind a veneer of slyness.

Well, I am to depart right now for I have some schoolwork to do. I must keep focus on what I have to do. I have to pray for my Father for I know the help that he truly needs. If he keeps this up, we are going to have him committed for psychiatric care.

Those who are battling schizophrenia, take your meds, please.


Posted by sharon at October 25, 2005 04:11 AM


Your dad and I are very similar and different. I'm a 21 year old woman though I feel like a baby. I just flew home from a new college, leaving my room half re-packed in moving boxes. My mom's totally taking care of me.

I came to your website while searching for comments on the drug Abilfy. I'll start taking it tomorrow. Hopefully it will help me get my butt in gear, go back to school and feel normal! You might read between the lines that I do and don't want to trouble myself and others anymore. Maybe some drugs really will help. If only motivation came in a bottle!!!!

Posted by: Johanna at November 3, 2005 12:02 AM

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