September 03, 2006

Isolation 101

There is nothing that i can say at this moment, other than i wanted to chime in and let you know that my father is completely isolating himself. He refuses to go to the doctor for his foot troubles, he refuses to take the medication and he is just all the way around disoriented. Yet, he can be very clever when he wants to be to try to insult one's intelligence. I can no longer reason with him at this point for he is a big boy and will only do what he wants to do. My uncle is helping him out a great deal and he tries to use him, but to no avail. We are hoping that one day, he comes to his senses, go into the hospital and let them begin the treatment again, then go into a residental home where the nurses give him the medication. I reside in a small apartment so i don't have the room for him. I know that when those voices start getting to him, he cannot take but so much. All i can do is hope and pray, concentrate on me, my schoolwork, my photography, my poetry and writings and my art. I cannot change him and I will not let him make my days unbearable. I help when i can but after that, it is all about me. No, it is not harsh, but if i let his stress kill me, he will be in the same way possibly and i am six feet under. No, he has lived his seventy-plus. People...let me stress it again..yeah, the broken record: TAKE YOUR MEDICATION, FOR IT MEANS YOUR LIFE!

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Posted by sharon at September 3, 2006 06:30 AM


Self-love and care is so important. I definitely understand when you say, taking the medicine is important. He has to be responsible for himself and it's not up to you to do that for him. Pray for him that he will see the light. And be healthy and take care of yourself. Don't let the stress kill you both. Just be there when he's finally ready to have more health in his life. All you can do is be there when he's ready. Be blessed and I will pray continually for him and you in this area.

Posted by: Mocha Sistah at September 7, 2006 03:41 PM

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