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January 04, 2005


Hello to all of you, Daughter firstborn is here, Welcome to the year 2005. I hope that all of you have had a wonderful year despite the ups and downs that schizophrenia may bring upon each and every one of you. Life on its own can be very difficult to bear without taking care of our family members who are afflicted with this malady. Let me just share with you why I have not been journaling, that's my expression.

First of all, I have been EXTREMELY BUSY WITH UNIVERSITY LIFE. Yes, being a full-time university student with a major of Psychology and a minor in English can be quite taxing. I commute by train several days a week and it is time consuming indeed. However, there are joys associated with university life. It is indeed an honor to be a student, yet I do miss journaling my expressions with you.

Another reason you have not seen any updtes from me is because I have been ill while going to classes and at this time I have some papers to complete for an English course as well as a paper for a Sociology independent study on Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder. I will not be sending any more expressions to you about my father until this Wednesday, the 5th of January. I would like to complete my papers as soon as possible. Therefore, all of you can look forward to hearing from me in a few days.

My father has been going to the psychiatrist lately. However, he remains to have signs that he is not taking medications or taking them in the proper way. He is exhibiting signs of pure mania. He cannot be still, always on the go, he is really trying to impress me; however I am not the one to be impressed. Of course, he misses the relationship that we had. I still love him, I always will, it is just that I must keep my distance and sanity admist someone that I have always been close to. I am daughter firstborn and I will be back again real soon. For those of you with the malady of schizophrenia, remember that it is an illness, it is not your life. For those of you who are taking care of family with schizophrenia, please continue to endure and pray and encourage them please to continue to take the medications. I have so many relatives on my father's side of the family with the malady of schizophrenia. There is hope, always....always...See you on Wednesday. For those of you who have made comments on my former entries, I will email you with some encouragement tonight.

Miss Sharon

ps: If any of you would like
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