Schizophrenics Anonymous - Contact Information

Schizophrenics Anonymous is a self-help support organization for people that have schizophrenia.

    Joanne V. started the first Schizophrenics Anonymous group in the United States in Michigan in 1985. In the last 12 years, that one group has grown to over seventy groups across the U.S. and Canada.

    Note that Schizophrenics Anonymous is administered by the National Schizophrenia Foundation - They have a web page for schizophrenics anonymous at:

    Their is also a Schizophrenics Anonymous web site is at: - but the web site has on occasion been down (not reachable) - but the organization is still very active - so try to reach them by phone if you can by dialing 411 on your telephone and asking for the Schizophrenics Anonymous local office in the nearest large city close to you.

    For more information on Schizophrenics Anonymous (which has groups in the USA, Canada, Brazil & Mexico), email them at:

    Email Address:

    or write to:

    Schizophrenics Anonymous
    c/o Mental Health Michigan
    15920 W. Twelve Mile,
    MI 48076.

    Or phone them at (810)557-6777;

    FAX: (810)557-5995.

    They offer fellowship, support and information. Focuses on recovery, using a 6-step program, along with medication and professional help. They have weekly meetings, guest speakers, phone network, newsletter.




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