August 06, 2004

Awareness about suicide

A few days ago, the Indian media was full of reports about an ex-Miss India who had taken her own life. This beautiful girl was only twenty five years old. Besides being an MTV veejay who hosted many shows on television, she was also an animal activist who was very popular in Bangalore. The newspapers reported that her mother had blamed her fiance who had called off the marriage two weeks before the event. The reports went on to say that she had three broken engagemants before this one. It was so surprising that such a 'strong' girl had done said such a terrible thing said her friends. Most of the people who were interviewed except one expressed surprise about 'a strong person doing such a thing'. This one person was an aunt who said that her niece was depressed about several things.
It was so strange that the media did not write about the link - severe depression and suicide. If it had, it would have created so much of awareness. So much of ignorance would have dispelled and parents would take their children to the p-doc for help, when they see their child becoming increasingly withdrawn after a stressful life-event.
That evening, I went for an official dinner. While people discussed this tragic incident, one gentleman remarked to my husband wondering why nowadays a lot of young people are doing such things. Even his daughter had once cut her wrists, he said.
When I heard this later, I understood why his wife no longer smiled and looked so preoccupied. There were three mothers that night at that dinner whose children at some time had tried to take their lives, experiencing the terror of almost losing their child. I was one of them. Only after going through such a frightening experience, I know how imperative it is, to rush for help when one detects the warning symptoms.

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Dear Moeder,
I am so happy to hear that Cassie is getting even better. Yes, the small milestones which our children cross- be it showing enthusiasm, being able to speak in a complete sentence or being able to sew are as you put it 'sweet victories'.Thank you for sharing your moments with Cassie. My prayers are with you.
Dear Puzli,
Thank you for the inspiring response. My love and prayers are always with you.

Posted by survivor at August 6, 2004 01:17 AM


Dear Mother,

It is such a tragedy to loose a vibrant and beautiful young woman to suicide. One will never know what was in this young woman�s head when she made her fateful decision. I truly hope their community comforts her parents. I can�t think of anything worse than losing one�s child. It is not supposed to work this way. As parents we are supposed to die before our children leave this world.

A year ago in our state of Oregon the college aged son of one our senators committed suicide. I believe he was only 22 years old and was attending a university outside of Oregon. I believe he came from a very loving family who cared deeply for all of their children. From my reading the family was aware of this young man�s depression. I don�t know how much help or if any the young man received for his depression. It is a tragedy played all over the world. Many parents such as myself when first confronted with the possibility that their child may be suffering from a mental illness quickly go into denial. The one positive thing that came out of the suicide of the senator�s son was that the senator wrote a Bill as a memorial to his son called the Garret Lee Smith Memorial Act. . The bill would authorize $82 million in federal grants to help states and tribes develop suicide-prevention strategies and boost mental-health programs on college campuses.

We can all learn from such tragedies by becoming more tuned in to those around us who may be suffering and unable to communicate their suffering. Perhaps we can be that listening ear and urge them to get the help that is needed.


Posted by: Moeder at August 14, 2004 04:44 AM

This made a very deep effective reading. any idea of getting trained for suicide prevention training in India? keep up this job and do tell me if i can do anything. Love, Rani Venkat

Posted by: Rani Venkat at August 13, 2005 02:51 PM

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