June 22, 2007

The second of June - a night to treasure

A few days back on June 2nd there was an unusual celestial event in the night skies. Some newspapers had written that most of the planets of our Solar system would be visible in the night sky. That night was oppressively hot and humid and buzzing with blood-thirsty mosquitoes. One just didn't feel adventurous to climb to the terrace of our home and look up into the night sky. But we did so - after eating a delicious Chinese dinner.

My daughter took us out - to an old restaurant which had been redecorated and still serving excellent food. It felt so good. The three of us had not been out together for such a long time. We also stepped into an old bakery which served delicious Chocolate Mousse. Later we sat on cane stools amidst swirls of smoke from the burning 'mosquito coils' which were balanced on empty soda bottles. The mosquitoes stayed away. Venus was clearly visible next to the moon. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn could be seen too in the night sky. We sat for a long time in silence past mid night into the next day. It was such a wonderful night.

My daughter had been so thoughtful and taken so much of effort for us to have a good time. To ease the anxiety in our hearts for her father was going to be admitted to the hospital the next morning - for a surgery.

It is such moments that I will always treasure.

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