March 21, 2004

Latest book I am reading about schizophrenia

The author, Larry Davidson in his book uses two quotes for recovery. These are:

"Recovery refers to the lived or real life experience of persons as they accept and overcome the challenges of the disability" (Deegan, 1988, p. 15) and "Recovery is a process by which people with psychiatric disabilites rebuild and further develop important personal, social, environmental, and spiritual connections, and confront the devastating effects of discrimination through...empowerment" ( Anthony, quoted in Spaniol and Koehler, 1994, p. 1) Emphasis added.

Davidson basically reviews the literature briefly on schizophrenia in his first chapter. He dismisses the Kraepelinian model as lacking hope and not allowing recovery and this "not allowing" affecting methodology in observing recovery. He has been noting a number of times in his introduction and his first chapter that the outcome in schizophrenia is heterogenous that is there is not a stereotypical course to the illness. Recovery can and does happen quite often in fact his recovery figure ranges from 27% t0 67% and is higher in less developed countries. Via la madness.

I am relaxing reading this book after completing the reading of a casebook for a law course. This means the required reading for this course is done. The course ends in two weeks with the final exam still a month away.

I was also working on a presentation for my other law course due on Monday. I have been working around perfection on this course and frustrating details of printing handouts for my brother and sister classmates. My brother gave me an old photo printer. I will now sleep on this home work and review it tomorrow. I will also have to go to school tomorrow to test the school computers at displaying my presentation slides. I did not use power point but instead Open Office to do this school work.

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