March 22, 2004

hooked up R's stereo

I hooked up R's stereo in his new place. I met his worker from the housing program. He gave me back about six books he was borrowing but was not going to read. I also hooked up his computer. The cable guy came by so now he is on-line and has TV. He still doesn't have a phone. He doens't want E to know where he now lives. They are former roommates and they don't get along anymore. We are inviting R over for supper tomorrow night.

I am helping T and V tomorrow with thier computer and digital camera. They are supposedly sane although V gets depressed and his depression is contagious. I am starting to not appreciate his negativity and critisism. I used to think this was just about him being controlling. Now I see it as negative.

Posted by petert at March 22, 2004 04:40 PM


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