March 25, 2004

Long day wired in the morning

I missed the Brave New Minds conference today. I was registered through the self help group to go to this peer to peer conference where there are no doctors or psychologists just lots of consumer/survivors. Although I have worked using my computer skills recently and been paid by a consumer survivor group I don't want to become a psychologist or doctor anymore. I want to have a life outside of my disability.

I am up from 9:30 yesterday morning. I needed to stay up to get the quiet night time hours to complete my marking of math tests. I got one course all marked and recorded the grades. I am so happy to have this job as a teacher's assistant

I am fairly wired on coffee this morning with diarea and all. My wife woke up about an hour ago and I was just reading some of the methodology section in the book about schizophrenia recovery from a phenomenological view. The book helped me conceptualise my wife's recovery. She is almost out of hospital for a full year now and that's a new record for her. I gently but talkitively pushed her on recovery when she woke up. Then I gave her some solitude while I recorded the marks. E called in the middle of that and we talked a bit about the conference and joked a bit. I helped my wife to take her own blood sugar reading and it was a low 4.1 but she had not eaten anything yet and had only junk sugar cerial last night for dinner. I encouraged her to have some toast before cleaning the floors today. That's what she wants to do today. But first she will meet with her assertive community treatment team.

We are broke and waiting for the mail. There are two checks in the mail this week for us. I guess everyone knows that feeling of obsessively checking for the mail. Oh well that's part of the emotional pain of being in a rigid behaviour.

I attended class in Internet law yesterday and the formal part of the course is over. I talked in front of the class about jurisdiction in a mock court case. One more class and that course is done. I finished reading the casebook for the course this week. I have to return Michael's Geist's Internet Law in Canada to the school library tomorow

I am also borrowing books on computers this week.

My final assignment is due on Monday then April is almost a month off school. I have no classes in April.

Posted by petert at March 25, 2004 11:02 AM