March 27, 2004

I must be under pressure

I think it was a misplaced jealous rage. It was long in coming. E was again looking at our redial numbers on our phone. I knew these phones lacked security. I told him off as usual, but then something unusual as Kafka might say, I then grabed him by the scruff of his jacket. He grabed me by the neck. Then I said let's not fight and we were both joking and he took me out to buy a muffin for my wife and some hot chocolate. Again we leave on peaceful terms. This is only the third time we have been physical with each other. He has always eaten chicken with me when this happens. We order pizza and chicken wings tonight. He went home. My wife was watching the Price is Right, Million Dollar give away.

Posted by petert at March 27, 2004 10:57 PM