April 12, 2004

Discussing finances with my brother

It is difficult sometimes to let my family know about the government rules concerning our finances. We are expecting an interest rate cut this week in Canada. This will mean some of my debit will be cheaper. Also I want to look into buying a condo for my wife and I. The disability program where we get most of our income allows ownership of a house as exempt property in terms of assets otherwise assets are limited. The ODSP act is on the web and I read parts of it today to try to see how we would get a condo. But to talk about this and explain it to someone who doesn't know this systems is difficult it is also hard enought to talk to those who also know the system because they have made up their minds on how it should be interpreted.

The new government took off the life time ban for committing fraud on this system. Now it is just governed by the criminal law. That life time ban put in by the draconian previous government caused at least one death of a pregnent disabled women and she died with child. I want to charge the previous premier with murder but haven't pursued it fully. I have written the premier to let him know my intentions.

I am selling a school book I didn't use this term for some extra cash tomorrow. It happens to be a copy of the 2004 criminal code of Canada.

Posted by petert at April 12, 2004 11:01 PM